In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware is deliciously terrifying! When a “hen weekend”—a British term for “bachelorette party”—turns darkly sinister, Nora wishes she had followed her initial instincts and stayed far, far away. But the invitation from Clare, her best friend from childhood, held far more mystery than Nora could bear to leave unsolved. Why would Clare invite her after ten years of silence, not as much as a text shared between them in that time?

Nora has her fair share of secrets, and she’d like to keep it that way, but her past is calling. At sixteen, Nora abruptly up and left her high school, her boyfriend, her best friend and disappeared. Now, ten years later, Clare has tracked her down to invite her to the most intimate of events, usually reserved for only the best of friends. Were they still friends? Nora hadn’t thought so, but now she wasn’t sure. Maybe she’d judged Clare too harshly. Had Clare changed over the last decade? Nora has to know, but will it be worth the price?

Teasing out the tension to a dangerous crescendo, Ruth Ware can punch! I found myself reading it standing up while keeping an eye on the kids, waiting for my coffee to brew, at any spare moment I could get! I immensely enjoyed Ware’s first novel—I didn’t need a bookmark to track my page. I’m looking forward to reading her subsequent two novels sooner than later!