Reviewed by Piper Templeton
Author, Rain Clouds and Waterfalls

When is the movie coming out? Jon Fixx by Jason Squire Fluck would make a fantastic film—it captivates a wide audience with its suspense, action, drama, and so much heart.

The title character earns his living in a unique way: He writes true love stories for couples; mainly engaged couples but also for people reaching anniversary milestones. A tender-hearted romantic himself, Jon Fixx is ideal for this profession. He’s sensitive, perceptive and discreet. Jon’s a refreshing male protagonist: He’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and he’ll fall apart over lost love.

The book opens with Jon falling apart after he is callously dumped by his live-in girlfriend. This emotional setback coincides with a string of professional setbacks and challenges as well. He angers the powerful Los Angeles District Attorney and his dysfunctional family when Jon writes the absolute truth about his daughter and her fiancée, a truly despicable couple. The powerful family declares revenge and becomes a threat to Jon. Around the same time, a powerful New York Mafia boss summons Jon to write his engaged daughter’s love story. He makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

The plot divides its time between Los Angeles, Jon’s home, and New York City, the setting for the love story he’s writing for Vespucci’s daughter Maggie and her hostile fiancé, Marco. Tired of getting his butt kicked by his new-found enemies, Jon drives out to see Donovan, an impressive, strong, friendly security guard he encountered at the Howard Johnson’s during his post-breakup meltdown. Donovan agrees to quit his job and work as Jon’s own private bodyguard. He also brings Luci, his long-time friend and martial arts expert, to New York City. Luci is accustomed to accompanying Jon on his assignments as Luci works with Jon on creating the visuals for the novelettes he writes. It’s enjoyable reading the interaction among the three men; they each bring their own life experience to the table and complement one another.

When Jon meets the subject of his project, Maggie, he is taken aback by her beauty. More importantly, she’s a genuinely kind-hearted, intelligent person, the kind the reader knows that Jon deserves. He dismisses any feelings that surface. Perceptive Jon soon realizes that Vespucci may have hired him to unearth the truth about Marco. Not one to cower from a challenge, and motivated by his deep affection for Maggie, Jon sets in motion an elaborate plan to get to the truth while keeping him and his friends safe.

Jon Fixx is an edge of your seat read and one that is hard to put down. It’s rich in plot and character, and I want to read the next installment of it!

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