I discovered the absolute joy of reading in 2nd grade when I was 8 years old.  That year, I met The Black Stallion by Walter Farley.  After this introduction, I proceeded to read all 18 novels in The Black Stallion series twice that same year, setting a precedent I have repeated many times since.   Over the course of my life, I have read my favorite novels multiple times, more than happy to immerse myself in the amazing world of fiction.  It was not long after first immersing in the Walter Farley series that I knew I would one day call myself an author.  I wrote my first play in 4th grade, and then I was off and running.

My life has fed my creative dreams and provided me with an ample backdrop from which I draw my storylines.  I have always been a positive thinker and believe in the greater good.  I grew up in a family of athletes and academics so no surprise that my two favorite activities are reading and training. I’ve spent more time reading than anything else I’ve done in my life.  Time in the gym takes second place.

The defining moments of my life are as follows: at 6 years old, the first time I saw the night sky of the New Mexico desert on a family car trip coast to coast; at 9 years old, when I ran through a plate glass window leaving a four-inch scar on my left arm that continually reminds me of my impulse to act before I think; at 15 years old, when an accident in which my bike and body collided with a moving car put me in the intensive care unit for awhile, gave my family a good scare, and shifted the direction of my life; at just shy of 24, when I flew out to L.A. to visit and never left; when I took a job as an assistant at a real estate office with absolutely no intention of ever becoming a Realtor; when I decided to walk into a local spin studio on a whim and met my future wife; when my wife said yes; when our son Zion was born, a day etched in my mind for all time; when our daughter joined this world, an event I am still happily processing.  These are some of the most important moments that have made me who I am now.

I would be remiss in describing who I am without mentioning the books that have shaped my writing.  The Black Stallion series, all 18 books, was my first love.  Not long after, I met Watership Down by Richard Adams, a book I have read numerous times.  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy kept me entranced many times. At 10, I met The Count of Monte Cristo and Alexandre Dumas set the bar for me.  I compare all books before, and since, to this one.  The story of a simple man who completes a metamorphosis of gargantuan proportions to commit the ultimate revenge cannot be matched.  Lest I not forget to also mention Banker by Dick Francis, the first of his almost 40 books that I devoured.

The writers of the great fiction novels listed above taught me the form of a good story; I wrote my first novel, Jon Fixx, with these teachings at its core. I hope to write a few more in honor of these amazing writers before my end.