About Me

Born in California and raised in Pennsylvania, Jason spent most of his childhood with his nose in a book. After reading Watership Down, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings multiple times in elementary school, Jason was inspired to one day be an author.

After graduating with honors from college with a degree in Anthropology, Jason moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing. He has written numerous film scripts and stage plays, is co-owner of The Sweat Shoppe spin studio, and a dedicated family man. Jon Fixx is his first novel.

Jon Fixx

Jon Fixx is a wanted man.

Brides have him on speed dial. Grooms appreciate his discretion. Parents brag about his services. Bridesmaids fight over him for the first dance. Jon never imagined his original and personalized newlywed novellas would be such a lucrative hit. He’s never missed a deadline. He’s never received a complaint. Every couple he has ever written about thrilled with their very own hardcover, Hollywood-styled romance.

Until now…